Do Stunt Doubles Get Paid More Than Actors?

Who is the highest paid stunt double?

According to The Guinness Book of Records, Robinson was the highest-paid stuntman who received $100,000 for a single stunt.

This he performed when he leaped from the top of the world’s tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada..

Does Chris Hemsworth have a stunt double?

For every actor like Chris Hemsworth—who has made muscle-building for his portrayal of Thor in the MCU a saga as worthy of its own coverage as any fan theory about the comic book universe’s plotlines—there’s another man behind the scenes. In this case, renowned stunt artist and actor Bobby Holland Hanton.

Who is Dwayne stunt double?

Tanoai ReedTanoai Reed (born February 10, 1974) is a Hollywood stunt man and actor. Reed was born in Honolulu, Hawaii of Samoan and Norwegian, Swedish, Irish descent. He is the cousin and stunt double of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Do all actors have stunt doubles?

Yeah, you heard right, some actors and actresses have multiple stunt people. There are even some TV animals that have stunt doubles. But not all stunt doubles are used for daring stunts of physical prowess, some are used as body doubles or even special skills like dancing or playing the piano.

How many stuntmen have died making movies?

In the history of film and television, accidents have occurred during shooting, such as cast or crew fatalities or serious accidents that plagued production. From 1980 to 1990, there were 37 deaths relating to accidents during stunts; 24 of these deaths involved the use of helicopters.

Who is the most famous stuntman?

Dar Robinson1. Dar Robinson. Celebrated as the greatest stuntman of all time, Dar Robinson broke 19 World Records and set 21 World’s Firsts in stunts during his lifetime, which included jumping off the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada in 1980.

Do stunt doubles make good money?

Stuntmen average $70,000 per year. If you’re newer to the industry, you may only make $5,000 per year. … The highest end stuntmen can make up to $250,000 per year. All it takes is one stunt to make money – the highest paid stunt ever was $150,000 for jumping off the CN Tower in Toronto.

How much do body doubles get paid?

Productions that operate under Screen Actors Guild guidelines have standard rates for on-camera talent: A full-body double earns $795 for a full shift, while parts models typically get a rate of $445.30. (A model who’s willing to do a nude scene might net double pay.)

Do stunt doubles actually get hurt?

Having a career as a stunt performer can be extremely dangerous though, with stunt performers regularly being injured or even dying. While most injuries are minor, there are a good handful that end up being serious, with the stunt performers sometimes even dying during a stunt.

Who is Chris Evans stunt double?

Sam HargraveChris Evans’ Captain America stunt double Sam Hargrave has shared a bearded photo of himself on the set of Civil War in the iconic star-spangled suit. Chris Evans’ Captain America stunt double has shared an awesome bearded behind-the-scenes photo of him.

Who is Adam Sandler’s stunt double?

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) -Michael Papajohn was lucky enough to be Adam Sandler’s stunt double during the filming of the 1998 movie “The Waterboy.” Now, he is lucky enough to be part of a unique 20th Anniversary celebration of the movie.

Do actors pay their stunt doubles?

In fact, according to the Screen Actors Guild, a union of theatrical workers that sets minimum day and weekly rates for stunt work, the daily minimum for a stunt double is $859, and the weekly rate is $3,200. It’s by no means a meager wage, but it certainly lags behind the other performers on set.