How Old Is Molly On General Hospital In Real Life?

Who is Brandon Sonny on GH?

Brando is the son of Gladys Corbin, although she had told everyone that he was killed in action.

When Sonny caught her leaving him a voicemail message at Christmas, she claimed she liked to do it to feel close to her son.

But it turned out there was a lot more to it than that!.

How old is Cameron Webber?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Creators on Cap’s LegacyCameron WebberAge17EducationAttended Kennedy Middle School Attends PC HighOccupationStudent Busboy at Kelly’s Lila’s Kids camp counselorResidenceThe Brownstone 1424 Elm Street, #12 Port Charles, New York20 more rows

How is Molly Sonny’s niece?

Molly Lansing-Davis is the daughter of Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis and the niece of Port Charles mob boss Sonny Corinthos.

Who is Molly’s dad on General Hospital?

Ric LansingMolly Lansing/FatherRic Lansing is a fictional character from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. The role has been portrayed by Rick Hearst, who joined the series on November 8, 2002 and exited the series on June 25, 2009.

How old is Kristina Corinthos on General Hospital?

27The Loop (TV)Kristina Corinthos-DavisEthnicityCuban-American Greek-American Irish-American Russian-American Swedish-AmericanBornNovember 19, 2002 (Revised to 1992, then 1990, then 1993, then back to 1992, then back to 1993) General Hospital Port Charles, New YorkAge2726 more rows

Did Sam from General Hospital get lip injections?

Yes she did! Either the actress has had some work done or she is having an allergic reaction! She’s been puffy since she returned, especially her lips.

How did Emily Quartermaine die?

The Loop (TV)Emily QuartermaineBornJanuary 17, 1984 (Revised to 1983, then to January 16, 1982)DiedNovember 14, 2007 Wyndemere Castle Spoon Island Port Charles, New YorkAge25 (at death)Cause of deathStrangled by Diego Alcazar23 more rows

How old is Haley Pullo’s?

22 years (July 10, 1998)Haley Pullos/Age

Who are Molly’s parents on General Hospital?

Alexis DavisRic LansingMolly Lansing/Parents

What happened to Rick Lansing on GH?

After Ric was arrested for shooting someone, it was revealed that Julian had framed him, so Anna Devane arranged for him to fake his own death by having Nathan West shoot him in an attempted escape. Ric was later abducted from Witness Protection by Carlos Rivera under Johnny Zacchara’s orders.

How long has Alexis been on GH?

Nancy Lee Grahn (born April 28, 1956) is an American actress known primarily for her work in daytime soap operas, portraying Julia Wainwright Capwell on Santa Barbara from 1985–93 and Alexis Davis on General Hospital since 1996.

Why is TJ in the hospital on General Hospital?

TJ was drawn into Shawn’s job in organized crime when he was taken hostage by Carlos Rivera and also witnessed Morgan Corinthos accidentally shooting Max Giambetti. Shawn called Jordan to get her son, but TJ refused to leave Port Charles, so Jordan opted to stay with him in Port Charles.

Did Molly on GH get plastic surgery?

In this day and age, many celebrities have indulged in cosmetic surgery, but only a few admit when a nip, tuck, or implant has taken place. The actress who portrays Molly has stated that she has not gone under the knife, but many “General Hospital” fans believe her facial features indicate otherwise.

How tall is Haley Pullos?

1.6 mHaley Pullos/Height

Who are Alexis daughters on General Hospital?

Sam McCallKristina DavisAlexis Davis/DaughtersWho are the Davis Girls on ‘General Hospital’? The Davis Girls refer to Alexis Davis and her three daughters: Sam McCall, Kristina Davis, and Molly Lansing.

Is Christina still on General Hospital?

After her 2011 exit, the character was brought back in 2012 with Lindsey Morgan in the role, lasting a year. Ainsworth reprised her role in September of 2015, but exited again in October of 2017. However, Ainsworth returned to GH once more in the summer of 2018 and continues to recur as Kristina to this day.

Who is the new Molly on General Hospital?

Haley PullosHaley Pullos as Molly Lansing on ‘General Hospital’ As the daughter of Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing, she is a member of both the Corinthos and Cassadine families. The character has two half-sisters, Kristina Davis and Sam McCall, who are both her older siblings through her Alexis.