Question: Is Inside Daisy Clover Based On A True Story?

Where was Daisy Clover filmed?

BurbankStudio lot in Burbank, California..

Who is Natalie Wood and how did she die?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officially changed Wood’s cause of death from an accidental drowning to “drowning and other undetermined factors.” The change came after investigators determined that some of the bruises found on Wood’s body during her initial autopsy may have been sustained before she …

Who did Natalie Wood marry?

Robert Wagnerm. 1972–1981Richard Gregsonm. 1969–1972Robert Wagnerm. 1957–1962Natalie Wood/SpouseNatalie married Robert twice. 28, 1957. Their wedding was described as the “glittering union of the 20th century,” per E News. They were together for four years before separating.

What is Inside Daisy Clover about?

Teen tomboy Daisy Clover (Natalie Wood) dreams of fame — and gets her wish when big-time movie producer Raymond Swan (Christopher Plummer) comes calling. But, as her image is remolded for the media and her family life is thrown into turmoil, Daisy discovers that being a star in 1930s Hollywood isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Alone and distrustful, the young actress searches for a happy ending with a fellow rising star, Wade Lewis (Robert Redford).Inside Daisy Clover/Film synopsis

Who starred in Inside Daisy Clover?

Cast: Natalie Wood (Daisy Clover), Christopher Plummer (Raymond Swan), Robert Redford (Wade Lewis), Roddy McDowall (Walter Baines), Ruth Gordon (The Dealer), Katharine Bard (Melora Swan). C-129m.

Who wrote Inside Daisy Clover?

Gavin LambertInside Daisy Clover/Screenplay

What year did Natalie Wood die?

November 29, 1981Natalie Wood/Date of death

Who Assaulted Natalie?

Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas is accused of raping Natalie Wood when she was a teenager. In 2012, a Gawker article alleged that Kirk had raped Natalie when she was just 16 years old.

Did Natalie Wood have children?

Natasha Gregson WagnerCourtney Brooke WagnerNatalie Wood/Children