Question: Who Did Zoe Slept With?

How old is Zoe in white lines?

White Lines – official trailer (Netflix) On the new Netflix show White Lines, Laura Haddock plays Zoe Walker, a 30-something woman in the middle of a life-changing adventure.

Zoe’s brother, Axel (Tom Rhys Harries), disappeared in Ibiza in the ’90s..

Where was white lines filmed in Ibiza?

Yup, most of White Lines was actually filmed on the island (unlike the Netflix film Ibiza, which was actually shot in Croatia). Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town, is the most recognisable backdrop. It’s that walled city with stacks of pretty white buildings on a hill that overlooks the Mediterranean.

Is white lines shot in Ibiza?

Netflix crime drama White Lines is set on the party island of Ibiza in Spain, but it was actually filmed in several different locations – including another one of the Balearic Islands. … Some scenes in White Lines were filmed in Ibiza – specifically, scenes set in recognizable locations on the island.

Does Netflix white lines have subtitles?

It’s a thrilling series – about a girl from Manchester who goes to Ibiza to investigate the death of her DJ brother – shot in beautiful bold colours under the scorching Spanish sun, which has the same chaotic energy and stylistic notes as Money Heist, except this time British and American audiences will be able to …

Does Zoe find out who killed axel?

The first season ends with a clear answer to who killed Axel, and fans discover that ex-wife of a drug dealer and sex party organiser Anna (Angela Griffin) is responsible for Axel’s death. After being confronted by Zoe in White Lines season finale, Anna confesses that she murdered Axel 20 years ago.

What happened to Zoe white lines?

“White Lines” ends with Zoe spreading her father and brother’s ashes. It appears Zoe plans to stay in Ibiza indefinitely as she continues trying to find herself sans her husband and child.

How many episodes of white lines are on Netflix?

10White Lines/Number of episodes

Why did white lines get axed?

We don’t know for certain why White Lines was cancelled by Netflix, as the streaming service is very secretive about its exact viewership numbers. That said, the series ranked in the top 10 most-watched Netflix shows for a number of weeks, so presumably people were tuning in throughout.

Does Zoe leave her husband in white lines?

Sadly, as it became clear Boxer had fallen for Zoe and she was uncertain about leaving her husband Mark – who came to Ibiza to get her but then realised his wife’s dalliance – and how strongly she felt, the pair ended their affair.

Which episode does Zoe sleep with boxer?

Although Zoe and Boxer’s unfolding relationship was one of the series’ biggest twists, an earlier scene in episode five contained a major hint for their impending romantic fling. Fans were excited to see the couple finally get it on after a long night of drinking and clubbing.

Is there a white lines 2?

White Lines won’t be returning for a second season, it’s been revealed. The Netflix series – which comes from Money Heist creator Álex Pina – premiered in May with its first season of ten episodes. However Actor Daniel Mays, who played Marcus in the show, has said it won’t be back for more.

Are white lines true?

From what has been revealed, the series is not based on a true story, however, the creators were influenced by the Narcos series. The story includes themes of drugs and organised crime, and it was filmed on the Balearic Islands, and although the plot is somewhat believable, it does not seem to be based on true events.

Who murdered Axel Collins?

After 10 gripping episodes that saw several suspects emerge, the series finale revealed that Anna (Kassius Nelson/Angela Griffin) was the one who killed Axel – but she didn’t act alone.

Who killed axel?

She then asked her husband Marcus for help, and the duo put Axel’s body in Oriol Calafat’ s car and drove away to dispose of the body. However, it turned out Axel wasn’t dead, and he managed to get out of the car. Marcus then ran him over, and Anna stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver.

Does Zoe kill boxer?

Let’s not forget that she shot Boxer in the leg with a harpoon to save Marcus, who he’d been drowning in the swimming pool during an interrogation to get information about Axel’s death.

Who did Zoe sleep with?

Zoe and Boxer share a romantic meal and a romantic movie, and they sleep together. Kika, in the present, asks how it was and Zoe says the most beautiful night of her life.