Who Does Zoe Hart Sleep With?

Does Zoe find out who killed axel?

The first season ends with a clear answer to who killed Axel, and fans discover that ex-wife of a drug dealer and sex party organiser Anna (Angela Griffin) is responsible for Axel’s death.

After being confronted by Zoe in White Lines season finale, Anna confesses that she murdered Axel 20 years ago..

Did Boxer kill axel in white lines?

Boxer was protecting his boss’ son Oriol, whom Clint suspected of having killed Axel. Oriol was in fact innocent of the murder. He had burned down the club Axel named after Kika, and hated Axel for sleeping with both his sister and mother (to whom Oriol was incestuously attracted), but he didn’t kill him.

Does Zoe choose Wade or George?

Read on at your own risk. Channeling her inner Kelly Taylor, Zoe ends up choosing herself over Wade and George — aka the two men she believes to be the loves of her life — in Hart of Dixie’s second season finale Tuesday night.

Who does tansy end up with?

Tansy and Todd, or “Colt” were engaged for a time, during which Tansy returned to Bluebell, Alabama to finalize her divorce from Wade Kinsella. However, after spending time with Wade, and an incident where a jealous Colt pulled out a crossbow, the two separated.

Do Zoe and boxer end up together?

Sadly, as it became clear Boxer had fallen for Zoe and she was uncertain about leaving her husband Mark – who came to Ibiza to get her but then realised his wife’s dalliance – and how strongly she felt, the pair ended their affair.

Does Zoe kill boxer?

Let’s not forget that she shot Boxer in the leg with a harpoon to save Marcus, who he’d been drowning in the swimming pool during an interrogation to get information about Axel’s death.

Who does Annabeth marry?

Back then, she was eager to have a child and married to Jake Nass, a man who eventually leaves her for a waitress from Baton Rouge by the end of season 1.

Which episode does Zoe sleep with boxer?

Although Zoe and Boxer’s unfolding relationship was one of the series’ biggest twists, an earlier scene in episode five contained a major hint for their impending romantic fling. Fans were excited to see the couple finally get it on after a long night of drinking and clubbing.

Is Zoe Hart pregnant with Wade’s baby?

In the “Hart of Dixie” Season 4 premiere Monday, fans learned that Zoe (Bilson) is pregnant with Wade’s baby. … Creator Leila Gerstein revealed that, yes, the baby will definitely change Zoe and Wade’s decision-making skills. Gerstein also dished that there won’t be too much back and forth on their plans for the future.

Will there be another white lines?

Netflix has now confirmed that it won’t be renewing White Lines, and that the series has ended. One of the most vocal actors of the series, Daniel Mays, was the one to reveal the Netflix cancelation of Alex Pina’s drug-fueled series.

Why did Hart of Dixie end so abruptly?

After four seasons of small-town romance and laughter, The CW’s Hart of Dixie came to an end in May 2015. … The real culprit behind the cancellation is The CW. While the network never cited a reason for Hart of Dixie’s end, the small show was never a ratings hit, even by The CW’s standards.

Is Bluebell Alabama real?

Yes, it’s true. Sadly for Hart of Dixie fans, there is no real Bluebell, Alabama, with its endless parades and quirky town traditions, such as Planksgiving, the Sweetie Pie Dance and Turtle Derby.

Who did Zoe sleep with?

Zoe and Boxer share a romantic meal and a romantic movie, and they sleep together. Kika, in the present, asks how it was and Zoe says the most beautiful night of her life.

Who did lemon sleep with on Hart of Dixie?

Lavon HayesLemon Breeland At the time of their engagement, they had been together for fifteen years. George found out that Lemon had an affair with Mayor Lavon Hayes while he was in New York.

Who does Zoe have a baby with in Hart of Dixie?

In the last episode of Hart of Dixie, “Bluebell,” Zoe and Wade get married while Zoe is going into labor, surrounded by the loving community of Bluebell.

Why is Boxer smiling at the end of white lines?

Moments after she walked into the sea, Boxer is shown driving into the sunset with a smile on his face right by the ocean. Some have speculated he may have followed Zoe and saved her in the hopes of his happy ending and escape from his employment under the nefarious Calafat family.

How does Heart of Dixie end?

It all works out by Hart Of Dixie’s season 4 finale episode “Bluebell” though. Zoe and Wade have a very last-minute wedding just before their baby son is born and a flash-forward shows Lemon and Lavon tying the knot, with George and Annabeth making a go of it together in Nashville.

Is white lines a true story?

From what has been revealed, the series is not based on a true story, however, the creators were influenced by the Narcos series. The story includes themes of drugs and organised crime, and it was filmed on the Balearic Islands, and although the plot is somewhat believable, it does not seem to be based on true events.

Do Zoe and George end up together?

After rushing to the hospital, and seeing all her loved ones surrounding her, Zoe makes the impromptu decision to get married right there in bed. (No, really!) Everyone from George and Annabeth to Wanda (Mallory Moye) and Tom (Ross Philips) help with last-minute decorations.

Was Zoe Hart really pregnant on Hart of Dixie?

Hart of Dixie fans, listen up! Rachel Bilson wants to clarify the reason that the long-running CW show was canceled. … In a photo of herself on Instagram dressed in character as Zoe Hart, Bilson, 33, explained that her real-life pregnancy had nothing to do with the choice to end it.

Does George Tucker marry lemon?

In the end, George and Annabeth move in together, George changes careers to become a music manager, Zoe and Wade get married (in a rushed ceremony, due to Zoe’s inhibitions about marriage and having gone into labor – they recite their vows while rushing towards the delivery room – delivering a baby boy), Lemon and …